Power Ups

“Power Up” – To Boost, Enhance, Refine, Improve, Energize

Why Power Up Existing Materials?

Do you have training materials, job aids, or handbooks that are out of date or aren’t producing noticeable results in your learners? You don’t need to start from scratch, our team / Kinetic Instruction can enhance these materials by:

  • Creating new videos, animations, or other HD media
  • Professionally designed quiz questions focused on your content
  • Interactive e-learning and realistic practice simulations
  • Organize content to be learner focused and novice friendly
  • Formal Assessments measuring:
  • Knowledge retention and transfer
  • Impact on job performance
  • Return on investment of training
  • How do Power Ups Work?

    There are two kinds of power ups we offer at Kinetic Instruction. We can update your materials, which involves sharpening the visual design and existing presentation to increase learner engagement and retention. This is typically a quick process, with limited re-structuring or re-organization of content. One benefit of a content update is your savings in software costs. We have expertise, along with the subscriptions, for most top line e-learning production tools and will procure and adapt to other tools if necessary to complete the update.

    We can also re-design your materials, which includes the services above as well as enhancements to the lesson design and content organization. These Power Ups enhance your existing training to provide formalized objectives, lesson plans, learning activities, and content-specific assessments to take your learner’s retention to the next level. This is a lighter version of our instructional design and e-learning services because these types of projects do not require learning management system selection or content creation.

    What’s the difference between an Update and a Re-Design of my training materials?

    Service Update Re-Design
    New Videos, Animation, or Images
    New Quizzes Questions
    Interactive E-learning
    Realistic Practice Simulations
    Light Content Organization
    Comprehensive Content Organization
    Multi-level Assessment Design
    Content Validation with Subject Matter Experts
    Limited Content Creation with Subject Matter Experts


    We work with all types of existing materials including in-person training, e-learning activities, Power Points, handbooks, instructional materials, etc.

    Example of Power-Up: Game or assessment. Explain how the existing training wasn’t hitting its mark, but with the added game or assessment, learners could grasp the content better.

    If you’re looking for a trusted partner who’s as passionate about your problems as you are – get in touch!