Instructional Design

Instructional design is similar to engineering because both sciences use evidence-based methods to design, construct, and test a product.

What Makes Kinetic Instruction Different?

A deep understanding of the neurology and science behind human learning across the human lifespan is required to create comprehensive training. This knowledge allows us to create effective education experiences for learners of all ages, from students to entry-level employees to the most experienced workers in your company. The intricacies of short-term and working memory, long-term memory, sensory learning, and cognitive overload must be deftly juggled in order to create maximum impact on the learner.

Without this understanding of neurology and the science of learning, training created by an unskilled Instructional Designer runs the risk of not being fully effective.

We are learning scientists, and our expertise in all things education are why we can create high quality education for anyone on any topic, delivered in any environment.

We work with your experts to gain the knowledge your learners need – without needing to become knowledgeable in what you do. We support you by ensuring learners get the right amount of information at the right time, combined with demonstration and realistic practice so knowledge is transferred to the job. Our competency based assessments measure your team’s performance and growth.


Kinetic Instruction can create new instruction from scratch, or we can re-design or update existing materials. Our training materials can take the form of instructor-led training, e-learning, videos, job aids, handbooks, and more.

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional design is the rigorous process that helps us engineer best in class educational experiences for your learners.

First, we analyze your specific needs and knowledge gaps to create a design blueprint.

Then we organize your content into a structure that can be easily grasped by anyone, while filtering out extraneous information. This keeps all training content relevant and task-specific.

Throughout the process, we work with your experts to make sure the content is comprehensive. This produces training materials based in research-backed instructional methods that keep your audience engaged and increases knowledge retention for on-the-job application.

Finally, we guide you through the launch and initial implementation of your educational experience to ensure it meets your needs.

If you’re looking for a trusted business partner who’s as passionate about your training as you are – get in touch! We would love to speak with you.