LMS Design

A modern Learning Management System (or LMS) is so much more than just a website to host learning activities.

Key elements of an LMS include rich functionality, a friendly user interface, social components, data gathering and grading, and robust integration with HR tools and systems. This is in addition to hosting learning activities such as e-learning courses, videos, internal learning documents, and scheduling links to live instructor-led training, and more.

At Kinetic Instruction, we can partner with you to design your LMS from the ground up. On the design side, this includes selecting colors and icons, and creating style guides. Every decision we make is geared towards making the user experience seamless, from navigation choices to the names of buttons and menus. Behind the scenes we can set up grading, roster, and enrollment rules, as well as assist with the bulk import of user data. We’ll even train your team on how to manage the day-to-day management of the system after the design is completed!

We pride ourselves on remaining technology agnostic, meaning we do not represent any specific LMS company. This gives us the freedom to scour the marketplace for the LMS that is truly based in your needs, objectives, and cost constraints.

We can re-design your existing site using the LMS you have grown to love, or we can migrate your existing content out of an LMS you’ve grown to hate. We have professional expertise in how learning management systems work (HTML, CSS, programming, design, and organizational structure) which allows us to quickly learn or adapt to new systems we have not used before.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner who’s as passionate about your problems as you are – get in touch!