Our Team

Our Values

Kinetic Instruction has identified four Core Competencies that define our company ethos. These are the values we live by, and they influence every aspect of how we conduct business.

Service Leadership
We hire exceptional people to be on our team and are dedicated to keeping them happy and supporting their success. As a training company, we know that talent retention saves money, increases productivity, and creates the institutional knowledge transfer required for long-term success. Our team is our main competitive advantage, and you benefit from their passion, experience, and know-how.

We provide clients with honest, transparent, and competitive services by advising them on the best ways to create educational experiences. Our work stands on its own and does not require our consistent involvement as “forever contractors.”

Honesty and Integrity
We promise to our clients to be transparent in our work, timelines, and billing. We know what types of problems instructional design can address and what it can’t, and we avoid projects that are outside of the scope of instructional design. We have a dedicated project manager to keep timelines on track, and multiple team members to divide the work. Our focus is on providing our customers the best product in the shortest amount of time, with personalized, comprehensive, and predictive pricing.

Kinetic Instruction is comparable in price to having a full time, highly experienced instructional designer on staff. We are a better value for our clients because we are efficient and cost-effective. As a result of our exceptionally talented team, we are able to design educational products in a collaborative workflow that streamlines development.

Engineered Education
Our products are better because of our expertise in learning science, creative instructional methods, and cutting-edge technological expertise. As educational engineers we are able to de-construct, strengthen, and re-build training to decrease the learning curve for your students. These qualities allow us to create instruction using tested processes that can adapt to or outlast the ever-changing technology trends of the moment.

  • Phil Potter, M.Ed.

    CEO | Lead
    Instructional Designer

  • Katrina Reiniers –
    Jackson, CPTM

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Brittni Dell

    Instructional Designer

  • Patrick Cravalho

    Instructional Designer

  • Merf

    E-Learning Specialist

  • Moose

    Chief Happiness Officer

  • Phil B. Potter

    Phil B. Potter is an instructional designer, e-learning specialist, and founder of Kinetic Instruction; a company that creates educational experiences for schools, corporations, and non-profits.

    Phil earned his Master’s degree from USC Rossier in 2016 as part of the first graduating class of the Learning Design and Technology (LDT) program. He has over 15 years experience as an educator in a variety of environments; from K-12 classrooms to the corporate boardrooms of international companies.

    Phil and Kinetic Instruction have launched more than 50 online learning experiences, created e-learning for students in 8 different countries, and produced high quality education for topics like neurology, industrial hardware, and adolescent health.

    Phil B. Potter

    Katrina Reiniers-Jackson

    Katrina brings over a decade of project management experience to Kinetic Instruction. She worked in Television as a Post Production Supervisor before following her passion into Training and Development. Her experience spans E-learning design, virtual training facilitation, LMS management, video production, hiring, HR, onboarding, managing people and projects, and high-stakes attention to detail. Katrina is passionate about the intersection of learning and strategically developing people and processes to better serve company goals.

    Now, she loves rolling up her sleeves every day to work alongside the immensely talented Instructional Designers and E-Learning Specialists at Kinetic Instruction. Every day is an adventure, and tackling these learning adventures together as part of a finely-honed team is a dream come true!

    In what’s left of her spare time Katrina loves used bookstores, mountains, succulents, and craft beer. And so far, her daughter has given her a solid A- at the whole “parenting” thing.

    Brittni Dell

    Brittni is an enthusiastic instructional designer with a Master’s degree in Learning Design & Technology from Purdue University, where she studied a multitude of design theories and platforms. This experience allowed her to conceptualize the significance of utilizing the client’s diverse needs to produce unique material that identifies and meets the requirements and standards.

    Brittni gained instructional experience as a secondary teacher in the public and private sectors, where she obtained unparalleled exposure to pedagogy expertise. She applies this knowledge to generate an amalgamation of teaching and instructional design to bring a diverse, engaging, and creative approach to developing innovative and personalized instructional materials.

    Patrick Cravalho

    Patrick F. Cravalho earned a PhD in Educational Psychology from Kent State University at the end of 2015. He returned to the Bay Area at the beginning of 2016 to begin teaching for the Psychology Department at San José State University (SJSU) and to conduct research for multiple labs at NASA Ames Research Center as an SJSU Research Foundation contractor. Patrick’s return was a homecoming since SJSU is his alum mater for an MA in Experimental Psychology. In 2019, he added Psychology major/minor advisor duties for SJSU.

    Although Patrick continues teaching and advising at SJSU, he has recently shifted his secondary focus from research at NASA Ames to instructional design for Kinetic Instruction. Serendipitously, Patrick met Phil on a flight to Denver. Patrick was on a spring break trip. Phil was traveling for Kinetic work. On the plane, they struck up a conversation about pedagogy, kept in touch, and months later Patrick meet Katrina, Merf, and Moose when he began working for Kinetic!


    Merf joined Kinetic Instruction in April 2019 as our Senior E-learning Specialist, becoming our first official employee. Her expertise in animation, web programming, video and audio editing brings our instructional designs to life.

    She excels in learning to use new software and design programs, as well as teaching others to use them. She applies strategies from her long career in creative design to quickly adapt to the tools used by our customers, in addition to a wealth of expertise in more than a dozen programs and coding languages.

    Merf lives in Southern California and has a love of the ocean, chocolate, and traveling the world to learn from new cultures.


    Moose Potter is our Chief Happiness Officer, and fulfills his responsibilities through emotional support of the Kinetic Instruction team and our clients.

    He agreed to join the team as an intern when Phil adopted him in September of 2018, despite being only 9 weeks of age. At a venerable 4 years old now, he oversees much of the HR operations of the business.

    He enjoys long walks in the park, meeting new people, and collecting sticks that are too big for him.

    If you’re looking for a trusted business partner who’s as passionate about your training as you are – get in touch! We would love to speak with you.