E-Learning Development

E-Learning must be meaningfully interactive in order for learners to apply knowledge back on the job.

What is Modern Effective E-Learning?

E-Learning tools in the hands of an untrained user will produce drastically different results than in the hands of an expert. Kinetic Instruction has more than 35 years of combined experience in online learning development and graphic design. We can produce custom graphics, animations, videos, audio, and more to engage your audience during each e-learning lesson or course. We have multiple design tools at our fingertips, and skillfully combine assets from each to produce high-quality interactive e-learning that cannot be created with any single piece of software.

The key to any training materials, virtual or not, is that they produce measurable results. As professionals in our field, we:

  • Systematically present desired knowledge, to ensure each piece of information is understood before moving on

  • Manage the cognitive load of your learner, to ensure they don’t get bored or overwhelmed.

  • Utilize interactive assessments and real-life situations as much as possible, because we all learn through application of knowledge – not memorization or shallow questioning.

  • All of this increases the impact on learner performance and the ROI from training.

    Transforming Information to E-Learning

    Systematic Knowledge Presentation ProfessionalE-Learning thatproduces results Managing Cognitive Load Interactive Applications of Knowledge

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