Our Services

Expertly designed training will save you time, money and keep your team focused on what they do best.

We are a full-service instructional design firm that prides ourselves on solving education problems on any topic for any audience. Clients immediately benefit from our professional analysis as we target specific needs and develop plans to create new instruction or enhance your existing education.

All Kinetic Instruction projects are priced on an individual basis. To determine your project’s pricing, we’ll conduct a needs analysis in collaboration with you and your experts. This process leads to a proposal with pricing and project timeline estimates.

Why Not Use My Internal Subject Matter Expert?

Leaving your training program solely in the hands of a highly paid expert can be a costly decision in the long term.

Experts can pass on bad habits and won’t havea formalized structure to their training. Problems with Job Shadowing High Cost of Creation Experts are expensive, and both the expert and thelearner are being taken away from revenue-generatingtasks for a prolonged period of time. Problems with Expertise Experts routinely skip steps when training someone new,and they unconsciously automate important pieces of their process. The learner is at high risk of overload.

Kinetic Instruction is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to losing the valuable time and energy of your employees.

Our Services

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  • Train an employee how to complete a single task, re-design your on-boarding, or educate thousands of distribution partners across the world.

  • Create interactive online or blended learning experiences complete with scenario-based activities, real world tasks, and comprehensive assessments.

  • Energize old training materials, presentations, or handbooks to engage your learners and increase their and knowledge retention.

  • Collaborate with you to select a new learning management, build in your content, and assist with launch and maintenance.

If you’re looking for a trusted business partner who’s as passionate about your training as you are – get in touch! We would love to speak with you.